In December 2014 we opened our third restaurant at Sortedam Dossering to the wonderful fragrance of regional and jazzy soul tones from the American South. The name’s Alabama Social, but actually it is in several states, we’ve found the inspiration for the menu as well as the decor.

At Alabama Social we serve lots of socalled soul food , which is the hallmark of the southeastern part of the United States, in particular for Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Here, créole and cajun are pivot, and the food is characterized by an incredible amount of juice. It is mix between the American kitchen, we already know, with tender steaks and plenty of deep-fried delights, and the French Caribbean cuisine, which we are less familiar with in Denmark, where seafood, chili and the Creole herb okra plays a major part.

The soundtrack to a dinner at Alabama Social underlines our sense of belonging to the southern states, particularly the New Orleans part of the area, with lots of delicious soul, jazz and blues.

At Alabama Social you’ll find excellent food and drink at an unusually affordable price without compromising on quality.